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Writing 201 Fallacy


 Forsaking all others until death do us part

A lifetime of care and support

You stand by my side forgiving me my faults

The mother of my children

My faithful wife

An understanding friend

A loving daughter-in-law

Lover of God, follower of Jesus, community volunteer

A sensual and eager lover

Beautiful body

Beautiful soul

I will love you forever 

The joke is on you, I cheated, I bought sex, I denied, I walked away and left you alone and financially destitute. I betrayed our family. I broke my daughters’ hearts. I left them behind and chose not to be their father. I stood before God and lied. Lied, lied, lied. I am Doug and I am a fallacy personified.


I am always learning something new about life. My life is made richer by friends, family, travel, experiences, books and hobbies.

5 thoughts on “Writing 201 Fallacy

  1. Not sure it’s appropriate to say, “what a great twist in the plot” but the way you wrote this is striking – leaving no room for sweet superficialities. I tried my hand at looking at relationships torn apart in this:
    I suspect it will be unsatisfying in different ways – and I suspect you are far stronger now to deal with false sentiments. Peace to you.


    1. Excellently written. Sadly I didn’t want a divorce but while my ex expects forgiveness for things for years that make an affair seem acceptable, he was unwilling to forgive me when I grew so frustrated by his refusal to get help. I’m sad that 30 years of my life is gone and I have no one with whom I can share the good memories. I am working on forgiveness of him, myself and God.


      1. Wanting forgiveness is different from wanting to forgive – since forgiveness does more to release you than him. Wanting forgiveness feels as if one can get a “pass” to repeat – kind of like going to “confession” without the slightest desire to change. Anyways, I appreciate how you wrote, and may you find the release from 30 years in order to live into the next “third third” of your life. Grace to you.

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