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Cooped up

I know many of you, most of you are tired of being stuck at home with your family. Maybe it’s just you and your partner, you and your kids, or maybe you even have extended family who lives with you. You must feel the walls closing in.

But for many of us, we live alone. There is no one there to get into your space, annoy you, make demands on you or hold you. Being alone all the time isn’t healthy. Humans are made for companionship. We need hugs. We need closeness. And there is no one there.

It’s beginning to wear on me. While I still work during the day, so I have contact with some people, I have no family. Not a single one of my family lives nearby. The closest one lives 1,243 miles away. Being far apart is difficult enough and add a pandemic on top it sucks!

So the next time someone you love is annoying you, remember it’s a blessing!