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This is a test

My Twitter account @texas_dede has been hijacked by This post is a test to see if I was able to revoke their access to my account.

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If we would only …..

Why do we talk to ourselves like this?
Take a moment to watch the video. It has English subtitles but a universal message.

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Miniature-The Daily Prompt

Miniature: small, tiny, little, replica of something larger

How do I create the life I want? How do I rebuild a new foundation without using the same faulty stones? 

I begin with one small, miniature step towards the future. The steps, the choices, the vision need not be grand. It can begin by being a smaller replica of what I had before. And as the days go by and the vision grows, it will evolve from miniature to slightly larger until it has grown as beautiful as my dream.

Miniature doesn’t mean less than. It gives me the opportunity to adjust, grow and bloom a little bit at a time. While my life isn’t what I’d like, dreaming and seeing a small, miniature glimpse into the future gives me hope. 

A mustard seed is small, miniature compared to other plant seeds. But what is compared to a mustard seed? Faith and if my faith is only the size of a mustard seed, I can tell a tree to uproot and go plant itself in the sea. The tree will obey me.

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