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Catching up with a friend

I never thought we would be apart for so many years. It seems like only yesterday we were young mothers raising our children. Struggling to make ends meet. Somehow we always managed to find the fun and humor in every day. But where have the years gone? When I look at you I see the same, sparkling young woman I met almost 30 years ago. You have the same spirit, creativity and joy for life. Now you are securely planted with a family of one husband, five children, four in-laws, nine grandchildren, a variety of pets and two spectacular homes. There is no one I’ve ever met that deserves happiness more than you do.

Me you ask? My life took an entirely different path than your own. I do have two lovely children and one son-in-law but I’ve lost everything else. My husband left me. I lost my home. I lost my friends. I lost my community. I lost all security. I even lost my faith for awhile. I lost my desire to see another day.

Why didn’t you know? Because you never asked. I don’t blame you. When a life is as full and rich as your’s is, time goes by quickly, like a flash of lightening. When life is broken and empty as mine is, time feels like a loud ticking clock. With each movement of the hand, it reminds you life is passing by and you don’t get a second chance. I don’t know if I don’t reach in for life enough or if when I do life spits me out. Honestly it feels like the second one.

I hope dear friend that we don’t go years without talking or seeing each other. I love you and always will.

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 How we wish people would change. Surely over the centuries mankind has learned valuable lessons so we would not be doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over. Evidently not. Demelza Poldark, a character in the Winston Graham Poldark Series, was faced with war and attack in Paris. The story might be fictional but it is placed amongst real history.

Paris was living and experiencing freedom when Demelza arrived in the early 19th century. France had been opressed by the Monarchists, abused by Napolean’s war machine obsessed with total Domination and Paris was caught in the crossfire of beliefs. Sadly this wasn’t the first time Paris would find itself at the center of men’s thirst for power. War would and will find Paris again.

Demelza does the best she can under the circumstances. She must leave to stay safe but her heart broke to leave Ross behind. 

Sadly in the 21st century Paris finds itself at the center of a war again. Islamic terrorists chose the city of light for brutal attacks against innocent people. Cowardice kills the innocent and unarmed. There nothing courageous about planning and executing people while you hide behind masks and believe you will spend eternity in paradise.

As Americans we cannot ignore our own war for independence in the late 1700s was supported by France which enabled us to win the revolution. Then they went on to fight their own long battle for Égalité,Fraternité and Liberté.  Courage, real courage is found in the people who continue to live their lives, standing firm against this cowardice. Courage is being brave enough to open your doors to the oppressed, the hungry, the poor, the persecuted. Demelza always courageous, reaching out to help those in need and we must continue to reach out and be courageous in face of this terrorism.