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One Word Challenge


How do you know that one choice can change your life?

Will it be a choice that leads to happiness?

Or will it bring heartache and sorrow?

One choice only to realize you discarded 999 others.

 999 other choices which would lead you to a different life.

A better life?

A happier life?

A life without pain and grief?

A life filled with loved ones who love you in return?


Another choice may not give you your precious daughters.

Another choice might not give you loving friends.

Another choice may be full of poverty

Poverty of the mind, heart and soul.


 one made each day

always leading us where we go

and 999 other left unexplored

Opening and closing doors.

I blog because I am alone. The walls close in and I feel buried beneath the weight of lost hopes and dreams.

I blog because it gives me a voice even if no one ever reads my posts.

I blog to connect to an unseen world of souls.

I blog because I have always loved to write and one can only keep so many journals before they overtake space.

I blog because maybe someday, somewhere, some moment I will find the inspiration, dedication and focus I need to actually write a book.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.”

Why do I blog?