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I feel sad tonight because my daughter’s dad failed to remember her birthday. Her grandparents failed to remember her birthday. His side of the family have surgically removed both our daughters from their lives. I pity them because they are missing out on knowing two amazing young women.

Their values are money and stuff and superficial looks. Our values are faith, family and love. The first only make you feel good for a very short time while the latter give you a full and truly rich life. I would sooner have my heart ripped out than lose my relationship my my girls. Of course he has no heart to rip out so as the narcissist he is, he feels no pain.


I am always learning something new about life. My life is made richer by friends, family, travel, experiences, books and hobbies.

3 thoughts on “Pity 

  1. I’m so sorry this is happening, but you’re right, faith and family are cornerstones to build a life on, and money and appearance are not. It seems so obvious! But it doesn’t stop the pain.

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  2. When mother and father don’t live in the same house, they run the risk of forgetting the exact day that may be coming up ahead and the details that fill up daily life crowd out the need to make plans for something that is weeks away, or days away, until it comes down to the mad dash to do anything that will fill the need of the moment when it finally arrives, ..and it is too late to do anything that requires planning ahead. I speak from experience.

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    1. My children are adults. He remembers his girlfriend’s birthday and her young children’s birthdays. He remembers to stay in contact with his parents and siblings and friends. He has chosen to cut off contact with his daughters because he is a sexual predator and alcoholic. His daughters insist he get help and he refuses.

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