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Christmas as a Single

 What is wrong with this Commercial?
There currently is a commercial for a company that makes scented candles. It’s supposed to evoke feels of caring and the love Christmas brings. I find the commercial sad and such a statement on what too many people think Christmas is.

In the ad a young couple is shown decorating and sharing time together one December evening. Then an old man is shown alone surrounded by pictures of his now dead wife. The scene definitely evokes sadness. He leaves his home and while he is gone his kindly, young neighbor goes and decorates his house so when he returns he can be filled with the love of Christmas. Why does this bother me? Why didn’t the young woman go over and ask her neighbor to join them? Why didn’t she truly extend the hand of love and hospitality?

Too many people have the belief Christmas is only about family. Thy don’t reach out beyond their own inner circle when celebrating the holidays. Why? Why do they close out the world when the world is so desperately in need of the love Christmas and Jesus brings?

This will be my third Christmas as a single woman. Not a single friend has called me once in these three years for Thanksgiving or Christmas to make sure I have someplace to go. They don’t think behind their own right circle of family. I always included people. I made sure everyone I knew had a place to go. I invited a young couple one year who where in church alone on Christmas Day. I asked them on 12-25. Sure it was a last minute invitation but I barely knew them and had no idea they would be alone but when I saw them I reached out. And they were thrilled to have somewhere to go. I’ve invited elderly couples who couldn’t be with their children and grandchildren.

People make assumptions. Oh she will be with her kids. Oh someone else will ask her. Or they suggest go and volunteer somewhere when all the person wants is to feel loved and wanted and not tossed aside.

So please take the time this Christmas season and ask someone to join you. Don’t let this season go by saying you are celebrating when love came into the world but don’t show it in your lives.


I am always learning something new about life. My life is made richer by friends, family, travel, experiences, books and hobbies.

2 thoughts on “Christmas as a Single

  1. Excellent post, Dede! People need to be aware of those around them, and keep their eyes open to need. I’m sorry no one has done that for you. There is always room at our table!


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