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Chrissy Teagan Mommy shamed


I heard on the news, new mother Chrissy Teagan was being mommy shamed because she chose to go out to dinner a mere two weeks post delivery. Now someone please correct me if I am wrong but I was under the impression baby Luna wasn’t conceived through  immaculate conception. Baby Luna does actually have a father as well as a mother right? Chrissy was out to dinner with her husband, John Legend an equally new father but not one word was said about his departure from the sweet child. Only she was criticized.

Am I to understand it is acceptable for women to criticize new mothers about every choice they make? But new fathers are considered completely innocent and not responsible when they make the same choice as the new mother? Hello, we aren’t living in the dark ages or even 1950 anymore. Fathers are just as important as mothers. And if you take the time to do some research you will find (as if anyone really need to do research to prove the truth of this statement)  fathers play just as an important role in a child’s life from birth on as a mother does.

I’ve always said women would rule the world if we stopped picking on each other. You don’t see men shaming other men because they are too fat or too skinny. They don’t shame each other because their wives chose to bottle feed over breastfeeding. They don’t shame each other when dinner is take out rather than a home-cooked meal. No, they unite. They act as a team.

Ladies, we’ve had how many thousands of years to learn this lesson? Support your fellow women. Support the choices they make for their lives and their families’ lives. It is their life after all and I am 100% positive there has never been nor will there ever be a perfect mother. So be quiet unless you can say something nice and supportive.


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One thought on “Chrissy Teagan Mommy shamed

  1. You make several good points. It IS their life and their choice. And seriously, this wasn’t child abuse or even neglect (I’m assuming the baby was cared for properly). Plus, again, you’re right, it was a dual decision. Either they’re both wrong or they’re both right in this situation. AND we don’t know why they went out. Perhaps it was a very healthy decision — who knows what was going on in their home? Women should know above all else that that is something we can’t discern. All important things to remember. Thank you Dede.

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