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Help me decide my Future.

After 30 years of marriage followed by a bad divorce and 3.5  years of unsuccessful job hunting I need help. I want you to help me decide my future by taking my poll. If you don’t like any of the answers, chose none of the above and give a suggestion in the comments section. Please be polite and respectful. Let the voting beginning.


I am always learning something new about life. My life is made richer by friends, family, travel, experiences, books and hobbies.

5 thoughts on “Help me decide my Future.

  1. Why don’t you belong in Vegas? It’s cheap and I am sure you could find employment because most places seem to be hiring.


  2. Dede, I didn’t vote because I wanted to weigh in these thoughts…when I posted my birthday greetings for my mom, you indicated your relationship with your mom wasn’t very good. Is it okay now? Will you get support there? Or perhaps I read your comment wrong (I was on vacation and reading this stuff on my phone — not always great for clarity for me!). I’d hate for you to visit someone who will make you feel worse. You need to put yourself in a position to build yourself up. But I am a blogging buddy, so give my thoughts the weight they deserve and no more! Others know you better and may have sager advice. But I think a trip away, long or short, might be really good for you. I am praying for you daily. I know you will be okay. I know you may not know that, but better days are ahead and I think just putting this poll out there is a positive step for you!!

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    1. My relationship with my mother would be best described as cordial. We don’t have what I would consider a deep emotional connection. It probably stems from my own mother’s issues with depression in a time society refused to acknowledge it as anything more than a character flaw. After all these years my sister doesn’t think she is emotionally strong enough to try and build a closer relationship which would require being honest. I wouldn’t stay with her long only until I got a job. And as a blogging buddy you know more about my life and emotional state than any of my pre divorce friends do. Funny thing divorce, you lose more than just a husband.

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      1. Yes, sadly, in divorce you do lose so much and you find out a lot about the character of the people who had been in your life. (Not to judge people I haven’t met.) I know from living with my mom, with whom I do have a good relationship, the strains can be challenging, to say the least. Part of that is do to our own issues with depression and in particular, my issues with bipolar disorder. While my mom is supportive she’s not perfect. Is a short trip away an option for you, even if it’s just to visit a friend out of state or something? Just to get away from your current environment? Do you have such a friend? I’m sure finances are a challenge now, too, so traveling may not be much of an option, but I really think getting away would be good for you.

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