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Well my ex should be joyous and celebrating because I have had to lower my living standards again. Our first apartment when we were married was nicer than where I will be living. His goal has been to destroy my life and he has done just that. He lives on a pile of money with a woman who has filed bankruptcy twice, drove her ex to commit suicide and has over $500,000 in federal tax liens filed against her. I hope she sucks him dry.


I am always learning something new about life. My life is made richer by friends, family, travel, experiences, books and hobbies.

4 thoughts on “Destroyed

  1. I guess that makes you feel better, but the stress will not do you any good. Hand it over to God. He will take care of it for you. Maybe now or maybe later, but it will happen when you least expect it. 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day, Dede.

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  2. It sucks, but know you are better off without him, even in a crappier place. When my ex and I split, I lived in some places I would never have considered previously. I survived, so did my children, and now we are all in a MUCH better place. Stay positive!

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  3. If she has that type of financial legacy chances are she will, indeed, suck him dry. I know how hard it is to look at the way you’re living and deal with the anger at the ones who brought you there. My situation wasn’t divorce, but I had the same result: I’m living in an apartment far below my standards. It’s hard to get past the anger and move forward, I know. Focus on making yourself the better person. I’m with you here. I took a job that was less than what I’m capable of, yet it turned out to be the best thing that happened to me because the people I work for are so good to me. You never know what life will bring.

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