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He finally reached me

I have spent a large part of my time on this blog complaining and lamenting my situation. I’ve expressed a huge range of emotions tied to feeling betrayed by my ex.

God gave me many doors during my marriage to leave and my pride kept me there. I’ve spent the last few months coming to terms with my choice to stay when God so clearly wanted me to leave. Now that I have come through the door to the other side the only emotion I feel towards my ex is pity.

The simplest definition of Pity is: a strong feeling of sadness or sympathy for someone or something. I do feel sympathy for my ex because he is blind to what matters in life. His heart is hardened. He values his image and material things. We know God doesn’t see just the image we project. He sees directly to our heart so while my ex may be fooling those around him, he is not fooling me, his daughters, son-in-law or God. We know the truth about who he is. And he has sadly bought into the lie the world tells about money and possessions. Those things pass away but the love my family and I have will last because it is based on our faith and not on what we possess or what others think of us.

With Father’s Day approaching I realized God had finally reached me and changed my direction when my primary emotion towards my ex is pity. I am no longer consumed with anger although I still feel angry from time to time. What I feel looking back and looking forward is nothing but pity for my ex because he is the one who has lost out not just now but for eternity.


I am always learning something new about life. My life is made richer by friends, family, travel, experiences, books and hobbies.

5 thoughts on “He finally reached me

  1. See, I told you God hadn’t given up on you! I’m so glad you’re feeling better. I know you will still have “bad days” we all do, but it sure sounds like you’re moving in the right direction!


  2. It is super hard to forgive a person we’ve loved who has hurt us over and over again. There can be so much resentment and anger. It does take God to remind us that the forgiveness is for our strength and renewal, not the person who hurts us. As you mentioned, it’s about taking back our power, so we can receive all the wonderful things God intends for us. Sending Big Hugs your way! RO


  3. Great post. My ex is very similar. I have pity, yet in the same way I give him power at times and miss him at other times. I have a hard time watching him and his girlfriend while I am the one that is alone. Oh well such is life. Thanks for your awesome blog!

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