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An Adventure Begins


God is Good! When I found myself divorced 6.5 years ago, I believed I would never own a home again. I couldn’t find a job. I was living off a quickly depleting 401K and felt utterly unrooted and that was the key. It wasn’t that I hated renting, but it gave me the feeling of impermanence. Prior to the divorce, I had lived in the same community for almost 30 years. Now in 6.5 years I have made 5 moves. Never underestimate God.

After trying to qualify for a mortgage a few years ago, I felt it was a lost cause. Then I decided to try again at the first of this year. The mortgage broker with whom I spoke, told me I could NOT qualify. It was heartbreaking. Then a dear friend told me to try someone else so I did. After giving him my information, he said I could qualify!! I couldn’t believe my ears. In fact I am not certain I believed, until I received the CLEAR TO CLOSE email in my inbox. I’ll be closing the end of May and moving in mid-July. I’ll have no help but somehow I’ll manage.

Upon seeing that email, I began to cry. They were tears of joy but my heart was and still is full of so many emotions. Gratefulness, happiness, joy, coupled with fear and sadness. Why fear and why sadness? My daughter and her family are moving 1,635 miles away to the East. My younger daughter lives 1,412 miles to the West. According to google maps they are 2,711 miles apart. And this will be the first time in my entire life, I have lived with no family or close friends nearby.

Being alone, not living alone, but having no one near to call on in an emergency scares me. I’ll be alone on all major holidays except Christmas. I won’t be there when my daughter has her 2nd child in November. With a 50 hours per week job and not a lot of extra money, the ability to travel to see them is and will be very limited. And that doesn’t include trying to see my 82 yr old mother and sister who live 1,242 miles away.

But God is good and I will never underestimate Him again. If this is where He wants me to live and work, then I will accept it and find joy. As I approach my 60th birthday, it is ever more evident that life doesn’t roll along like a slow paced creek, but it rushes by like river rapids. There is no time to waste. I have to get onboard and go for the ride.


I am always learning something new about life. My life is made richer by friends, family, travel, experiences, books and hobbies.

2 thoughts on “An Adventure Begins

  1. Your life sounds similar to my own. When my exhusband and I separated we lost everything. I had an old station wagon that my Dad had given me shortly before he died, but it was on its last leg. I had to beg for a home…the rental I was looking at was owned by a woman who hadn’t made up her mind to actually rent it out. I was being kicked out of my home because of being so far behind on the mortgage. But…I was able to rent the little house I wanted for a price that was ridiculously low; I found a car dealership that helped me get a loan for a very good, used car…at 6.5% interest instead of the 20% I had expected. Nearly ten years after the breakup of my marriage, with my daughter and two granddaughters living with me (think crowded), I was able to get a mortgage on a house in my old neighborhood at a monthly mortgage amount that was less than rent for comparable houses. God is good and I know I wouldn’t still be around if He weren’t. So glad to hear how He is helping others in their lives.


  2. Congrats on the move! You can do it. I moved to Las Vegas, NV from California after my divorce with no family and only one acquaintance here. If I could do it; you can too.


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