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Making it my Own

I have begun the slow process of making the house my own. My daughter and family leave on the 14th and I’ll have 3 weeks to hopefully accomplish a lot.

I have spent I think $75 on paint samples. Not sure why selecting colors is always so difficult. I had hoped to keep the dark navy blue In the living/dining area but in the end I decided it would always seem like my daughter’s house unless I changed the colors.

So here is my ‘get it done’ list before the movers come for my furniture mid July.

1- paint the living/dining room

2-prime and paint kitchen cabinets

3-replace kitchen flooring and one bedroom flooring*

4-add backsplash

5-paint kitchen walls

6-new sink, faucet, countertops installed.*

7-new appliances delivered and installed*

8-paint Old kitchen hutch purchased on Craigslist

9-lay sod in backyard*

And those are the things I remember. I’m certain I’m forgetting something. With a 50 hour work week I won’t have lots of free time so focus is imperative.

Wish me luck. I’ll post photos as I begin this coming weekend.



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