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Addiction to Amazon???

Can a person be addicted to Amazon deliveries because I think I am. It’s so easy to sit and peruse Amazon while the boys are napping. And before I know it, I’ve made a purchase. Usually it’s nothing expensive. Almost always it’s a book.

But I have noticed when the delivery man makes a delivery, I’m a little let down when it’s not for me. I’m working on breaking this habit of the thrill I get when the package arrives.

Does anyone else have this problem or am I a lone wolf?

PS I don’t randomly order from other sites, nor do I go shopping much. It’s just Amazon.


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3 thoughts on “Addiction to Amazon???

  1. I love the Wishlist feature. It reminds me of the Christmas Lists we made as children. But, we van add to and buy from them, all year. I encourage my friends to have them to make gift giving fun and easy.

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  2. It is quite fun to receive a box with that Amazon tape on http. I don’t have the addiction, but I do order a lot from there. So much easier to shop online than going out to try to find certain things.


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