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Tweet Response

     I have no idea if I added the twitter link correctly, so I copied and pasted the actual tweet into my blog. I went to a meetup group tonight. If you don’t know what a meetup group is you can find out by going to  It is a place where you can find people in your area with similar interests. There is a wide variety of choices, so there is something for everyone. I went to a writing prompt group. There were just 3 of us which made it much less intimidating for a first time visitor.

    The group leader gave us our first prompt. He used story dice. I got an eyeball and a man thinking. The tweet above was definitely true for me tonight. How do you begin a story based on an eyeball and a man thinking? Each of us got different things. I definitely had the worst roll. From where would the words come? Should I even be there? Could I really write something someone would want to read?

   As I watched the other people write when we began our second prompt, lines from a song, I was amazed at how quickly they could put their words to paper. And then when they read them, they were so good, so creative. My story sounded like something an 8th grader would turn in for a creative writing project. Would my writing every mature?

   Our last prompt was a collage of photos. We could write something in general about all of the photos in our collage or we could select just one photo. I wrote about one photo and when the young woman next to me read her story, I was blown away. She had chosen to focus on the fact almost all of her photos had blue in them. Where do people get such creative ideas?

   So I agree with the tweet. It seems that writing comes so easily for other authors. Their stories, their blogs, their books all seem effortless. My stuff reads heavy, like a bag of trash someone has to drag behind them. When will the words mature and the story come?


I am always learning something new about life. My life is made richer by friends, family, travel, experiences, books and hobbies.

6 thoughts on “Tweet Response

  1. Keep at it! I started with signing up for a Daily Prompt. Every morning I answered the prompt for 15 minutes. Even if I had no idea how to answer the prompt, I wrote something down. It’s excellent practice and really helps get the ideas flowing. Don’t be intimidated by other people’s work. You have your own voice. Be true to yourself.


  2. I think you are not alone there. I took a creative writing class my sophomore year of high school and it made me more discouraged than excited. That is how we are though. It is like how we see perfection in others and only our flaws. I’m sure they were not completely confident either. We all have different styles.


    1. So true, I think we all our own worst critic. One word suggesting my daughters don’t like what I wrote, I delete. I had started a “book” about a teenage girl and a mystical bracelet. When my daughter told me teens read post apocalyptic books now and not stuff like that, I deleted it. Guess it’s best to not share until we are finished.


  3. Hi Daphne! That quote was a great choice. I recently finished reading On Writing by Stephen King and it almost has the same message. He admitted and narrated how he went through ‘writer’s block’. 🙂 Your post is nicely written. 🙂

    By the way you may want to read mine: 🙂


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