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If we were walking in the garden. . .


     If we were walking in the garden, I would tell you how good it feels to have company, to not be alone for another 24 hours.


    If we were walking in the garden, I would bring you up-to-date on my job search. You would learn I received another rejection with the same lame excuse. We have decided to move forward with another candidate. When I ask for specific suggestions, they give no feedback. I listened to NPR the other day and the entire broadcast on my way home was about the fact age discrimination is real and active in the job market. So where does that leave me at almost 56?

    If we were walking in the garden, I would ask for a hug because now that DSC_0020I no longer live with my daughter or near my other daughter, I am completely hug deprived. I always told my girls you needed 10 hugs a day to be happy and healthy,

DSC_0010   If we were walking in the garden, I would be quiet. I would listen for birds. I would listen to the waterfall. I would take in all the sounds and allow them to quiet my spirit.

   If we were walking in the garden, I’d ask if money was no object what DSC_0009would you do and where would you go? I would listen to your dreams and encourage you to follow them.

  DSC_0017 If we were walking in the garden, I would thank you for taking some of your day to spend with me because we know we make time for what we feel is important. If your friends aren’t spending time with you, contacting you or remembering you even in a small way, you know your friendship is not important to them.


If we were walking in the garden, I would ask would you like to take a walk again on another day>


I am always learning something new about life. My life is made richer by friends, family, travel, experiences, books and hobbies.

14 thoughts on “If we were walking in the garden. . .

  1. If we were walking in a garden it would be Versailles in early summer. I’ve never been to Versailles and I get the impression that you’d enjoy wandering around there as much as I would. We could drink iced tea (or your preferred cool beverage) and forget for a couple of hours painful pasts and fears for the future. We could discuss good books and the many joys of Tom Hardy. Afterwards we’d hop in a taxi and grab a bite at that fabulous looking Parisian cafe in your photo, and compare hopes, dreams and plans.

    It sounds rather bad to say that I’m enjoying learning about your journey, so I’ll just say I’m very pleased to have found your blog. I do so hope that the employers near you wise up and realise that women with a lifetime of experiences under their belt have an awful lot to offer and deserve a fighting chance.


    1. Thank you for the kind words. It’s a difficult journey but one I believe will have a happy ending. I have been to Versailles and I can guarantee you we would have a fabulous time.


  2. If we were walking in the garden, i will whisper white lies into your ears, without the knowledge of my wife of course, am not ready for the start of World War IV yet.. kidding aside, nice compilations of love-is-in-the-air garden scenarios, @Dede..


  3. I usually make friends easily But one day I came to the conclusion they were acquaintances rather then friends Thats ok because I like my own company. I love your blog about walking in the garden it is beautifully written

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    1. I have been amazed at how difficult it has been to make new friends at 55. My old friends just disappeared after my divorce, so after 2.5 years in a place I loved, I moved to a new city.

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      1. My husband and I moved to a new town last summer, and we’ve had trouble making new friends. I wonder if that isn’t more of a commentary on our society than it is on our age!

        Whatever, the reason, it is not fun!

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