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Mining my own material 

To be honest I couldn’t find anything I felt worthy of readdressing. My mood is dark as is my future. I no longer think clearly or have the ability to read a book or watch a simple television show without seeing and thinking of all that was taken from me and what I will never experience again. And to aggravate me and wear my patience my cat will not stop crying. He meows over and over, louder and louder. Do you think he speaking for me? Crying the tears when I’m too lost to cry for myself?



I am always learning something new about life. My life is made richer by friends, family, travel, experiences, books and hobbies.

7 thoughts on “Mining my own material 

  1. You are an amazing writer DeDe. You can and will get back on track, of this I am sure. You have the personality and work ethic to sell anything. I hope you get back into real estate. Stop letting that dead weight (you know who I mean) drag you down. Take any job you can get right now and in no time you will own the joint. That is who you STILL are. You will not be open to new relationships until you cut bait on the old. Let the resentment go as best you can so you can see clearly. I know you can do this.

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    1. I’m in intensive outpatient therapy and see an individual therapist twice a week. Finding a way to financially support myself is key to getting better and it’s been impossible for the past three years to find a job. Thanks for caring.

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