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Make a difference


Do you make the assumption everyone has friends? Do you think their lives are busy and full? Do you ever take the time to speak to someone new? Do you choose to stay in your comfort zone and not reach out?

Did you know that every 12.3 seconds there is one death in the US by suicide? The truth about suicide How many more try and fail? How many times will someone try before she succeeds? Will any care he is gone? 

Anyone that has contemplated or tried suicide isn’t thinking clearly. You think you are. In your warped mind it all makes sense. The tragedy is that it is never the right or best choice. 

For so many of us who battle depression, isolation and loneliness the simple act of reaching out can mean the difference between the will to go on and the desire to end it all.

Smile more. Say hi more. Call your friends. Check in with people whom you haven’t heard from lately. Let them know you care. Make a difference.


I am always learning something new about life. My life is made richer by friends, family, travel, experiences, books and hobbies.

6 thoughts on “Make a difference

  1. Have you ever been to a suicide forum?

    If there’s anything to learn from the writings in ASH or Sanctioned suicide is that suicidal people are lucid. They can write coherent and often brilliant essays explaining their point. We might find that POV alien to us since we’re hard-wired for survival.

    Suicide is a choice like breaking up a relationship. No one should be forced to live a life they never asked for. The irony is, the anti-suicide approach is actually a part of why people kill themselves.


    1. I’ve been suicidal and have tried to commit suicide. When I say they don’t think clearly I am referring to the idea suicide is a solution. A rational person understands suicide is never a solution and only leaves behind a trail of sorrow and hurt.


      1. Suicide harms others. So does break-up. Should people now be forced to stay in a relationship?
        Suicide is a solution in that it removes every bad thing that happens or can happen to you. It removes the need for happiness and the capacity for suffering. Sounds reasonable to me.


      2. Absolutely not and it was ultimately best for my mental health that he left. But their is nothing right or just about giving your life to someone, standing by him during his lowest times (wanted by police for sexual crime), only to be tossed aside. I want to work. I want a job but after all those years at home I’ve been unsuccessful in obtaining one. I believe he has a moral obligation to provide for me but then again he doesn’t have morals or a sense of what’s right.


      3. Just as people should leave abusive relationships, I should leave life. Life has been mostly bad and not good. So I don’t care how it can get better or whether it’s bad enough. I did the math and that’s the result.

        I know there are other ways, but I won’t hear them from hypocrites who think they owe nobody nothing and expect me to. Consent goes both ways.


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